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Check the latest information on club re-openings by country based on 3rd party reports and native Perfect Gym visits data.

What our clients say

Vidmantas Siugzdinis, Lemon Gym

We have always been looking for a system that would be future-proof. One that would provide us with the technical advantages needed to evolve with us on our journey. Perfect Gym understands the importance of connecting with other systems and these integrations are important for us as a business.

Vidmantas Siugzdinis
Lemon Gym
Harm Cremer, Il Fiore Health Centers

I feel that PerfectGym will always stay up to date to implement the newest technologies and I think that this is very important in the fitness industry. Administration is something we don’t like to do, so we better use software that helps to make it easy and fun.

Harm Cremer
Il Fiore Health Centers
Jake Curreri — CTO, FitnessONE USA

Perfect Gym is an excellent partner to align strategic goals as a brick-and-mortar fitness chain. Their constant pursuit of excellence and innovation — even in the unseen objectives — is highly amicable to any chain. The open API means our club can integrate with any up and coming fitness apps, this way we stay more relevant for members.

Jake Curreri

Digitally Transform Your Health Club

As consumers become more in control over their well-being, fitness clubs must be digitally prepared to service members with a variety of options and fitness experiences. Our fitness software acts as a digital platform to facilitate these experiences by utilizing data and integrations to make digital transformation for fitness facilities more possible.

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