Hardware & Integrations

Our hardware and other 3rd party integrations have been hand-picked
as some of the industry's most effective solutions on the market.
Easily integrate any and all of them with PerfectGym to ease your day-to-day workflow.


Turnstile access controls allow you to automatically track individual and collective member attendance so you always know how many people are in your facilities at a given time. You can also set access control permissions for members to access certain parts of the gym or at certain hours so that you can keep your gym open 24/7 without the need of employees on the premises at all times.

App Integrations

Combine the power of Perfect Gym and other 3rd party apps like VirtuaGym, Club Planner, and FunXtion to give your members even more choices to monitor their fitness performance.

Facial Recognition

Go cardless with Facial Recognition access controls. Members can simply access the club with a short snapshot and they're ready to go.

Biometric Entrance

With a scanned fingerprint, members can enter the club quickly and painlessly.

RFID & Barcode

With RFID or Barcode technologies, your members can lock and open lockers and scan into the gym without checking in with front desk employees and save time for other point of sale operations.


Go paperless and collect signatures from members to be integrated with custom registration templates for a quick and painless sign up process.

Equipment Integrations

Integrate with 3rd party equipment providers like TechnoGym, Precor, Life Fitness, and Milon.

Tracking Integrations

We also integrate with 3rd party products like MyZone, FitBit, and InBody to assist your members in tracking all of their progress.

Hardware & Integrations