Automation & Marketing

Automate everyday communication tasks for members
to increase engagement and retention rates.

Automated Smart Campaigns

Build smart campaigns that will automatically send messages for any situation ranging from membership payment confirmations to motivational emails to get them back in the gym.

Email, Push Notifications & SMS Alerts

Send emails, push notifications or SMS alerts to clients to keep them motivated and engaged throughout the lifetime of their contract.

Customer Segments & Tags

Create dynamic segments and tags to better group your members to supply them with more personalized communication and relevant offers.

Coupons & Vouchers

Easily make special vouchers or coupons for discounts, free merchandise, special contracts or products for members or prospects participating in any marketing campaign.


Send branded Newsletter messages for all of your club announcements and email correspondence.

Trainer & Staff Notifications

Automatically notify trainers and staff about upcoming events or appointments in their schedules.

Automation & Marketing